What movie roles did the famous Polish woman Barbara Brylska start with?

Nadya Sheveleva – the main character from Eldar Ryazanov’s film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” probably every resident of Russia knows. And she was played by one of the most beloved actresses among Russians and simply the most beautiful woman, Barbara Brylska, who was born far from Russia, but in Poland. But for our viewer, she has long become like a native.

Barbara Brylska in the 1970s Photo –

And what happened before the famous Ryazanov film? Where was the actress filmed before she became famous in our country?

A selection of early films featuring Barbara Brylska. Specifically, we will focus on films shot in the 1960s!

Barbara Brylska, 1967 Photo –

Their weekday

  • director – Alexander Stsibor-Rylsky, 1963

A still from the film “Their Weekday”. Photo –

And let’s start with the film, after which the actress began a great career in cinema. In the 1963 Polish drama, the actress played the role of Grazyna’s sister. This was one of the first major roles of the actress.

By the way, in the Soviet box office the film was called “The Story of a Quarrel”.


  • director – Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1966

A still from the film “Pharaoh”. Photo – Kinopoisk

In 1966, the actress played the role of the priestess of Kama in a magnificent film based on the novel by Boleslav Prus.

The film was released on Soviet screens in the fall of 1967 and was quite popular.

Barbara Brylska became the most beautiful decoration of this film. She is good here and very well played the role of Kama, not very big, but very important and significant in this film.


  • director – Leon Jeannot, 1966

A touching story about the romance of a young German and a Polish girl named Eva, played by Barbara Brylska.

The young actress Barbara Brylsky has a very successful role. And the film, it should be noted, is very rare, which is a pity.

The stake is greater than life

  • directors – Andrzej Konic, Janusz Morgenstern, 1967-1970

Barbara also starred in the very popular Polish adventure series about scouts “The Stake is Greater Than Life”, where she got the role of Inga in the 17th episode called The Meeting. Barbara’s heroine is a brave and determined girl who helps the scout find a cache of German documents, but she herself dies.

The series consists of 18 episodes, each of which is a separate story.

Falcon’s Trail

  • director – Gottfried Colditz, 1968

In 1968, Barbara starred in the Soviet-German western “about the Indians” with Goiko Mitic himself. The actress played the role of the daughter of the magistrate – Catherine Emerson.

And the following year, the actress appeared in the sequel to the film entitled “White Wolves”, where she again played the role of Catherine. Both films, personally, made a rather strong impression on me and inspired long reflections on the history of the resettlement of Europeans to America and the survival of Indian tribes from their completely legal places of residence.

Pan Volodyevsky

  • director – Jerzy Hoffman, 1969

Barbara Brylska in the historical film about Poland’s struggle against the Turkish invasion, based on the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz, played the role of the languid and aristocratic Christina Drohojovskaya – Kshisi, who had an affair with the main character.

The actress is very convincing and reliable in her role.

Liberation (epic cinema)

  • director – Yuri Ozerov, 1968 -1972

Also Barbara Brylska took part in the famous film epic about the Great Patriotic War, having played in 2 films out of five: “Breakthrough” and “Battle for Berlin”. In the film, Barbara played the role of a Polish girl named Helena. In general, all the best actors starred in the film, and therefore the appearance of Barbara in the film speaks of her talent.