VENICE (pol. “Wenecja”)

On May 4, another online screening will take place as part of the new film project, Polish Cinema at Home. This time we will watch the film “Venice” directed by Jan Jakub Kola.

VENICE (pol. “Wenecja”)

Poland. 2010, 114 min.

Art. Drama

Director Jan Yakub Kola

Script writers Yan Yakub Kolsky, Wlodzimierz Odoevsky

Cameraman Arthur Reinhart

Composer Dariusz Gurniok

Cast: Magdalena Celetskaya, Marcin Walewski, Agnieszka Grochowska, Grazhina Bletskaya-Kola, Julia Kiyovskaya, Mariusz Bonaszewski, etc.

11-year-old Marek, a student at a military school, is in love with Venice. His whole family went to the “city on the water”: aunts, parents, even 14-year-old brother Victor. Marek knows by heart the names of all the squares and temples of Venice, but he himself has never been to his beloved city. His parents and his older brother are going to Venice again, but the summer of 1939 begins and the war begins. Marek’s father goes to the army, and the boy is sent to the mansion to Aunt Veronica. There he embodies his dream .

The script for the film is based on the story of the Polish writer Wlodzimierz Odoevsky “Season in Venice.”

The film has collected many world awards, including for camera work (Arthur Reinhart), set design (John Mach) and director (Jan Yakub Kolsky).

The film is in Polish with Russian subtitles. You can enable the display of subtitles (also English) by clicking on the CC button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Age Limit 16 +

The show is free on May 4, 2020 throughout the day, from 10.00 to 23.00.

After watching the movie will be deleted from the video hosting.

To watch the movie, you need to follow the link and specify the password that will be provided on the day of showing on May 4 on our resources.