Barbara Brylska. Did you recognize her? In my opinion, a charming woman.

Every year we see it on TV, and this year will be no exception. I would even venture to suggest that this woman now means to our culture, maybe more than many domestic actresses. Still, not everyone is given to play such a role that is strongly associated with the country’s main holiday. And the film, by the way, this year is already 45 years old. Serious age.

The older generation must surely remember such an actress as Pola Raksa. Still, such a thing as “Four tankmen and a dog” was in demand at one time. Perhaps this is one of the most popular tapes among the countries of the socialist bloc. The series was a success in Poland, both in the USSR and in the GDR. It was there that there was such a character as Maroussia “Ogonyok” performed by this wonderful actress.

From acute bouts of nostalgia, we are moving on to the harsh everyday life of our time. Namely, an actress named Izabella Scorupco. She played, by the way, the Bond girl. And this can be said to be a separate genre in cinema. Who in vain for such roles is not taken.

Since our countries are now going through a period of not the warmest relations, we do not really know anything about what is happening in Polish cinema. Here is revealed such a miracle as Aleksandra Hamkalo. In my opinion, a charming girl. And from the point of view of appearance and, apparently, from the point of view of artistic data. Because today she is actively filming and in demand.

Let’s look at the modeling business. Actually Anja Rubik also represents it. And as is customary today, she looks too thin for my taste. And of course it has such a look as if life has long ceased to make sense for it. Where is the joyful smile? Where is the playful look? After all, she is still young. Where does the fashion for such images from girls come from?

Anna Maria Jagodzinska is also a model. Works all over the world. By the way, one of the most popular Polish models. For a while, she even ranked ninth in the ranking of the highest paid ladies from this area.

What do we know about the contemporary Polish scene? It was under the USSR that music came to us from there, and today it is its own narrow market, absolutely unfamiliar to a wide Russian audience. Agnieszka Włodarczyk is one of the representatives of the musical world of modern Poland. True, in parallel, he is still actively filming in films.

Speaking of cinema. For example, the actress Anna Przybylska. A very interesting lady for my taste. She has a kind of light and weightless appearance. The innocence itself is just in the photo.

And a completely different look for a girl named Iga Wyrwal. By the way, she was engaged in the promotion of such a game as Need for Speed in her homeland. But he prefers to live in England. Where, in general, she made a career as a model and actress. Although she has few roles.

Actually, a model and actress like Joanna Krupa has US citizenship. But she was born in Warsaw and in Poland they consider her theirs. Although the girl is five years old and lives away from her homeland. For some reason, it seemed to me in her appearance that there was something of ours, Russian. As if I had seen someone like her once at a rural disco.