ULA KOSKA and BEATA BOJDA: Polish beauty

Each of us has our own story, as well as the story of the family from which we emerged. Genes preserve the memory of events that happened with our ancestors, and their experience is passed down from generation to generation.

And another beautiful and integral part of history is traditions. For example, costumes of a particular country.

Photographer Ula Kosca and make-up artist Beata Bojda created an amazing project.

He talks about Polish beauty and national costumes and headdresses of this country.

Young female models with expressive make-up, whose hair is surrounded by beautiful flowers, and their neck – massive beads and interesting jewelry, literally hit on the spot with their charm, bright colors and unusual images.

Ula Koska and Beata Bozhda were probably inspired by the project created by costume designer Lyubov Mikhaleva and photographer Margarita Kareva. In their pictures, girls in traditional Russian costumes demonstrate their national beauty. Similar photographs were also taken in Ukraine: the Third Cocks project shows the diversity and originality of the outfits of this country.