The most beautiful Polish actresses

Polish cinema is one of the most developed in Eastern Europe. Many Polish films are widely known outside of Poland, for example, “Pharaoh” (1966), “Flood” (1974), “Witch Doctor” (1982), “Fire and Sword” (1999), “Kamo Gryadyesh” (2001). In Poland, earlier than in the USSR / Russia, M. Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita” was filmed. Polish directors Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Keslowski, Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Kavalerovich, Andrzej Zulawski, Krzysztof Zanussi made a great contribution to the development of world cinema.

In this rating, the most beautiful, in my opinion, actresses of Polish cinema of the 20th and 21st centuries will be presented.

Note regarding the spelling of the names of actresses: in Polish, most female surnames have the ending “a”, while in Russian women’s Polish surnames are usually spelled with the ending “ay”, for example, the Polish surname Skłodowska is traditionally written in Russian as Skłodowska. Both in Polish and in Russian, Polish surnames are inflected by cases.

Eva Vishnevskaya (born April 25, 1942, Warsaw) is a Polish theater and film actress. She played Princess Kurtsevich in the highest grossing modern Polish film of the 90s “Fire and Sword” (1999), receiving the “Orly” Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role.

самые красивые польские актрисы кино: Эва Вишневская / Ewa Wiśniewska

Grazyna Barshchevskaya (born May 1, 1947, Warsaw.) – Polish actress of theater, cinema, radio, television and theater. In 1999, she received the Wielki Splendor prize, awarded by Polish Radio to the best actor in radio shows.

польские актрисы фото: Гражина Барщевская / Grażyna Barszczewska

Elzbieta Barshchevskaya (November 29, 1913, Warsaw – 14 October 1987) – Polish theater actress, Film and Television. She played the role of Beata in the film “Witch Doctor” of 1937 (the remake of this film is the famous film “Witch Doctor” of 1982).

польские актрисы 20 века: Эльжбета Барщевская / Elżbieta Barszczewska

Joanna Opozda (born February 7, 1988, Busko-Zdroj, Poland) is a Polish actress and model.

Elzbieta Starostetskaya  (born October 6, 1943, Rogow, Poland) is a Polish theater and film actress, singer. Winner of the Złote Grono Award (for the most popular actress in the 1976/77 season) for her role as Stefanie Rudecka in the movie The Leper.

Marta Tzhebyatovskaya -Trzebiatowska (born July 26, 1984, Czluchow, Poland) is a Polish actress. Acts in films and series.

Paulina Hapko – Polish actresses, twin sisters. Born on November 15, 1985 in Nowy Sacz (Poland).

Паулина Хапко / Paulina Chapko

Zofia Batytskaya (born August 22, 1907, Lviv, Ukraine -. June 9, 1989) – Polish actress, Miss Poland 1930 Vice Miss Europe 1930 Miss Paramount in 1931.

Irena Karel  (real name – Kizyuk / Kiziuk; born August 10, 1943, Lviv) – Polish theater, film and cabaret actress.

Zofia Saretok  (real name – Taubwurcel / Taubwurcel; March 28, 1938, Lodz, Poland – March 10, 2013) – Polish theater and film actress.

Isabella Skorupko  (born June 4, 1970, Bialystok, Poland.) – Polish and Swedish actress and singer. Famous movie roles: Natalya Simonova (Golden Eye, 1995), Elena Kurtsevich (Fire and Sword, 1999).

Изабелла Скорупко / Izabella Scorupco

Anna Gurnaya (born February 8, 1944, Warsaw) is a screenwriter, director, and actress who starred in only one film, Heat, (1964).

Alicia Bobrovskaya (born January 8, 1936, Vladimir-Volynsky, Ukraine) is a Polish actress and TV presenter, Miss Poland 1957. Alicia Bobrovskaya became the first representative of Poland at the Miss Universe international beauty pageant, while winning the 4th title Vice Miss at this contest.

Teresa Tushinskaya  (September 5, 1942, Warsaw – March 19, 1997) – Polish actress and model. Teresa Tushinsky played in 12 films, while she did not receive an acting education.

Danuta Kowalska  (born January 19, 1955, Warsaw.) – Polish actress, dancer, model, writer.

Monika Melnik  (born September 15, 1990, Tychy, Poland) is a modern Polish actress, starred in films and TV shows.

Katarzyna Maciąg (born May 3, 1982, Kozienice, Poland) is a Polish theater and film actress.

Anna Dymnaya (born July 20, 1951, Legnica, Poland) is a Polish theater and film actress who is best known in the countries of the former USSR for her role as Marysi Vilchur in the film “Witch Doctor” (1982). In 1988, she played the role of Margarita in the 4-episode Polish adaptation of M. Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita”. The real name of the actress is Dzyadyk. In 1973, she married the actor Weslaw Dymnogo, after which she took the name of her husband. Despite the fact that the actress’s surname is correctly spelled “Smoky” in Russian, Russian-speaking sources have established the spelling of her surname in the Polish manner – Dymnа.

Olga Savitskaya (February 7, 1932, Poznan, Poland – April 2, 2015) – Polish ballerina, choreographer, actress.

Barbara Karska (born September 20, 1949, the Netherlands), better known as Barbara Nielsen / Barbara Nielsen – actress, known to Soviet viewers for the role of Basi in the Polish film “Anatomy of Love” (1972).

Carolina Grushka (born July 13, 1980, Warsaw) is a Polish and Russian actress, wife of Russian director and playwright Ivan Vyrypaev. Famous movie roles: Masha Mironova (Russian riot, 2000, voiced by Chulpan Khamatova), Sasha (Oxygen, 2009), Ekaterina (Dance Delhi, 2012), Vera (Long Live Belarus, 2012).

Magdalena Meltzacz (born March 3, 1978, Warsaw) is a Polish actress and model. Famous movie roles: Lygia (Camo Gryadyshi, 2001), Princess Henrietta (Fanfan-Tulip, 2003), Eljbeth’s panel (Taras Bulba, 2008).

Beata Tyszkiewicz (born August 14, 1938, Wilanow, Poland.) – the famous Polish actress, who starred in nearly 100 films. Famous movie roles: Princess Elzhbeta (Ashes, 1965), Marysya (Marysya and Napoleon, 1966), Isabella Lentskaya (Kukla, 1968), Varvara Pavlovna (Noble Nest, 1969).

Fields Raksa (born April 14, 1941, Lida, Grodno Region, Belarus) is an actress who has been awarded the Silver Mask award three times (1967, 1969, 1970) as the most popular actress in Poland. She starred in Polish and Soviet films. Famous movie roles: Hedwig-Maria Kalinowska (Girl in the Window, 1964), Helena de Wit (Ashes, 1965), Zosya (film of the same name, 1967), Maroussia “Twinkle” (series “Four Tankers and a Dog”, 1966-1970 ), Yvette (Nocturne, 1966). The full name of the actress is Apolonia / Apolonia, while in the movie she starred under the diminutive name of Paul, which in Russian sources is mistakenly indicated as Paul.

The most beautiful Polish actress is Barbara Brylskaya (born June 5, 1941, Skotniki, Poland). Famous film works in Russia: Phoenician priestess Kama in the film “Pharaoh” (1966), Nadia Sheveleva in the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” (1975), Helena in the epic “Liberation” (1972), Eve in the film “Anatomy of Love” (1972). In Russian-language sources, the spelling of the name of the actress in the Polish manner – Brylska is established.

Самая красивая польская актриса Барбара Брыльска / Barbara Brylska