The work on casting a bell weighing 50 tons was planned to be carried out in Krakow. The foundry workers say this job is a real challenge.

According to the Polish Press Agency, the bell will be cast by an enterprise from Przemysl. The giant bell was ordered from Brazil. Despite the volume of work and its complexity, foundry plans are ambitious. According to the project, the dimensions of the bell will reach 4.5 meters in diameter, and the height will be almost 5 meters. The finished product will weigh 50 tons.

The craftsmen, provided they had enough high quality copper and tin, completed the giant bell on September 20, 2018. The bell workshop from Przemyl has continued the tradition of bell making since 1808 and produces about a hundred different bells a year. The company possesses a number of technical developments that allow it to undertake such orders. But even so, the scale of the task is such that it was not possible to fit it into the premises at the place of registration of the company.

Piotr Olszewski, head of the Jan Fleczyński Foundry, told the agency that it was precisely because of the enormous size and weight of the product that they had to rent the workshop of the Tadeusz Sendzimir metallurgical plant in Krakow. The capacities of the second in Poland in terms of metal production scale of the enterprise made it possible to realize a bold idea of ​​Brazilian customers. For the manufacture of the bell, an alloy of copper and tin in a ratio of 78:22 was used. Raw materials were needed at least 60 tons. The tongue of the instrument, in turn, was made of mild steel. Various patterns appeared on the entire surface of the huge bell. In particular, 8 scenes from the life of the Sanctuary of “God the Eternal Father” were painted on it, for which the bell is intended.