The Day of Polonium and Poles Abroad – Solidarity and Community

On the occasion of Polonia and Poles Day abroad, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and his wife spoke in a video conference with representatives of polonium and Polish media, who in their countries of residence initiated assistance in response to the growing threat of coronavirus.

The conversation, moderated by Minister Adam Kwiatkowski, Secretary of State in the Office of the President of Poland, was attended by Poles from around the world: Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, New Zealand, the United States and Ukraine.

President Duda noted that May 2 is not only a celebration of polonium and Poles abroad, but it is also a day that is a flag festival in Poland.

“Today we also have a celebration of national colors that unite Poles living in Poland with all Poles, people who are of Polish origin, feel Poles in their hearts or have a sense of Polishness around the world,” said Duda.

The President of the Republic of Poland thanked the participants in the conversation for their activities for the local environments in which they live.

“The Polish community consists in the fact that we help each other, mutually acknowledge ourselves and can count on each other. Thank you for conducting activities aimed at strengthening the Polish culture, the Polish tradition where you live. Thank you for creating the conditions for children and youth who want to learn Polish, the history of Poland, “the head of the Polish state added.

In particular, the challenge that the coronavirus carries was spoken in particular by Michael Cancer’s sister, the founder and director of the hospice named after Blessed Ks. Mikhail Sopotsko in Vilnius.

“The coronavirus pandemic was a huge challenge for us. We had to apply all the instructions of the Ministry of Health. I started asking for help in providing disinfectants to various organizations. Now, taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Mr. President for the decision to support the materials needed during the period This viral danger is for our center. A state-sponsored mission unites the space of people for whom this space of mutual assistance is necessary, “said Michael Cancer’s sister.

Marya Osidach, director of the Center for Polish Culture and European Dialogue and Vitaly Chashchina, chairman of the Polish Culture Society “Pshiyazn” in Ivano-Frankivsk also attended the meeting with the presidential couple.

Director Marya Osidach brought the participants to the conversation the activities of the institution during the quarantine period and talked about the meeting with elderly and single people before Easter.

“We wanted to somehow support our seniors and congratulate them on Easter holidays. Thanks to the participation of young people, volunteers of the Center for Polish Culture, as well as Polish organizations, we managed to raise funds and products and deliver such a symbolic Easter basket to the homes of elderly, single and needy people “said Marya Osidach.

But the chairman Vitaly Chashchina spoke about the functioning of the Society of Polish Culture “Pshiyazn” and the spring work in the Black Forest near Ivano-Frankivsk, where the color of the Polish intelligentsia rests.

“During this period, we also take care of places of national memory. Spring has come, which means that the time has come to streamline the cemetery that we are doing. To do everything so that these burials look decent,” said Vitaliy Chashchina.

The wife of President Agatha Korngauser-Duda recalled a visit to ancient Stanislav in June 2019, interrogated about youth activity, and in the end thanked all the participants in the video conference for their commitment to the pandemic for the day and conveyed the greeting.

“It is unbelievable that we Poles, especially in the face of disasters or difficult situations, can be united and build a community. We wish you and the people with whom you work in the first place health, this is probably the most important thing now, but also success and boundless enthusiasm in activities for polonies and Poles living in your countries, “summed up the first lady.