The world of sculpture does not stand still. Now such works of art are increasingly beneficial not only for their aesthetic appearance, but also create harmony with nature. Polish sculptor Malgorzata Chodakovska was able to combine bronze and the element of water in her work, making sculptural art even more unique in human life.

For any woman, the element of water is considered natural. Therefore, Chodakovska is trying to transfer such natural beauty to the life of a big city. The Polish sculptor does more than just make bronze sculptures with fountains.

Any of her work, as a work of art, also reflects the world of modern and recognizable fashion.

The hairstyles of her fountain sculptures are made according to the latest trends in fashionable images, with a clear presence of elements of ancient Greek sculpture.

Malgorzaty Czodakovska was born in 1965 in the Polish city of Lodz. Since 1990, the sculptor moved to Germany, where she began her active sculptural work.

The Polish sculptor graduated from the Academy of Arts in Warsaw under the guidance of the renowned master of painting and graphics Jan Kuch. The inspiration for the Polish sculptor is the constant trips to Greece, Egypt, as well as the study of traditional European culture.

Chodakovska began with sculptural works made of wood. She has a famous series of wooden sculptures called “The Tribe of Women”.

The sculptor’s ideas are full of ancient mythological motives of the culture of the Greek Amazons and images of women of the Sumerian kingdom.

From this, her sculptures acquire a mysterious and fabulous look, where reality, myth and fairy tale are combined.