Prominent Russian Polonia activists spoke out for the development of cultural exchange

“14. The “Vistula” festival will allow you to discover and get to know not only Polish cinematography, but also Poland itself, us – Poles “

These words are the beginning of an introductory text on the website of the world-famous Polish film festival Wisła, which takes place annually in Moscow, and then will be sent to several Russian cities.

As part of the review, demanding Russian viewers will be presented with a block of short films, a documentary section, and a series of feature films. Family shows are prepared for the youngest viewers and teenagers.
Since Poland announced 2021 as the year of Stanisław Lem, the organizers decided to present a separate block on the centenary of the fantasy’s birth – “Undefined Time” – which will be dedicated to the films adaptations of the writer’s novel.

I am very happy that our Russian compatriots will be able to see the realistic view of Poles on the nature of other countries and their inhabitants, and share their impressions from joint trips with Russian friends. We have a lot in common, what unites and unites us, but only a cultural exchange is able to fully reveal the community, ”believes Wiktoria Kurszyńska, a well-known Polish activist in Russia.

As part of the documentary section “Spojrzenie na świat”, viewers will get to know Maciej Cuske in the film “The Whale of Lorino” a documentary about the settlement of the title Lorino on the Chukchi Peninsula, where local residents, i.e. Chukchi, Inuit and Russians hunt for whales.

«Travels are the main link of reconciliation and integration through getting to know other cultures, traditions and customs of the far corners of the world. Thanks to Polish travel and film crews, viewers in Russia will be able to watch amazing material, while for the Polish diaspora in Russia it will be a unique opportunity to meet compatriots »- President of the Association of Polish Diaspora Organizations” Unity “and Krasnodar Regional Social Organization National and Cultural Center” Unity ” Aleksander Sielicki.

Traditionally, the program of the Festival will include works by students and graduates of the best film schools in Poland.

The winner of the Gran-Pri film competition of the 14th “Wisła” Festival in Russia will be selected by the jury, among others: the jury chairman, producer and general director of the GBUK of the city of Moscow “Moskino” Natalia Mokrickaja, recognized film critic, editor-in-chief of the portal Nina Romodanowskaja, and a talented Russian director and screenwriter Oksana Karas.

“Cultural exchange between Poland and Russia, the direction towards activation, announced by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Russia, Krzysztof Krajewski, is more relevant than ever in the context of restrictive discussions on the role of human rights, international law, economy and other current problems of the modern world. Documentary and feature films. both recognized and young authors allow us to look at events through the eyes of interlocutors, better understand their views, find a common denominator “- this is what one of the oldest internet creators, producer and editor, Aleksander Orlik thinks.

Polish cinema is original and unique, and so is each Festival that is held for the 14th time. The festival preserves all the unwavering traditions and foundations that have been established in it from the very beginning, and opens new horizons for the development of Polish-Russian dialogue – Maksymilian Rymkiewicz, an outstanding Polish journalist in the Internet of Eastern neighbors and Commonwealth countries, expresses his opinion.

The most important Polish cultural events in Russia include: the Festival of the Youth Academy of Fine Arts, the “Wisła” Cinema Festival, and the Festival of Polish Music in Moscow.