20 years ago, the TV series “Gangster Petersburg” was released, which instantly became popular. For the sake of this project, the leading actor of the journalist Obnorsky, actor Alexander Domogarov, returned from Poland, where he left to build a career and, as it turned out, his personal life.
“I like Gangster Petersburg,” Domogarov told me. – Firstly, the material was good. Secondly, my hero Obnorsky is more multifaceted than just a positive person. At the Shchepkinsky Theater School, the teachers told us: “If you play good, look for where he is evil, and if you play evil, look for where he is good.” Although it is more interesting for me to look for kindness in scoundrels and show it … In the 90s I mainly lived in Poland, where I starred in films and played in the theater in Krakow. God had mercy on being in Russia at this time. On the basis of my merits, a petition was submitted to make me an honorary citizen of Krakow. But, alas … It’s a shame … Poland and the Poles were close to me … Maybe in another life I will be a master.

After Alexander played the Cossack Colonel Bohun in Jerzy Hoffman’s film “With Fire and Sword” (based on the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz) (the film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and the artist received a minute of world fame), the Poles released Bogun beer with Domogarov’s face on the label. True, the actor himself admitted that then he became addicted to other drinks. And to questions from journalists “How do you relieve stress?” answered: – 250 grams of strong at night.

Since then, a lot of vodka has flowed under the bridge, and now the people’s artist in an interview says that for tonus he drinks by handfuls of a drug that until recently was swallowed by athletes to increase endurance. He is not even embarrassed by the fact that the medicine that doctors prescribe to heart patients and chronic alcoholics has for some time been included in the anti-doping list. Domogarov assures: he has none of these diseases.

– I know what is harmful, but what to do? Where to get energy? You know, when you are 56 years old, I will see how you will be enough for five performances in a row, – asked the people’s artist in an interview with the NTV channel.

Doctors-narcologists who learned about the new doping of Alexander Yuryevich sound the alarm.
– Consuming alcohol together with this drug can be fatal, – says the narcologist-psychiatrist Dmitry Vashkin.
According to rumors, Domogarov’s drunkenness strained his Polish mistress Justina. But at first she was ready to forgive him a lot. At the Bagatella theater in Krakow, where the actor played the main role in the play Macbeth, he had an affair with a philology graduate who was assigned to Alexander to teach Polish. Clever, beautiful Justina was a strict teacher, but it was extremely difficult for her to resist the charisma and talent, even if not always a sober sex symbol.

In the play “Macbeth” there was one, but a very erotic scene with the participation of a Russian – on the floor with his partner Danuta Stenka. So exciting that all the polkas in the audience were screaming. Justina, present at all the performances, sighed too. Domogarov would not have been himself if he had not been carried away by Danuta. At the theater in Krakow, they still remember how, at one of the banquets, a tipsy Alexander said:
– Danutka is one of the few partners to whom I wanted to surrender.

It is curious that before Macbeth, Domogarov had a passionate affair with another Justina, the singer Stechkovskaya. They starred together in Polish in the film “At the End of the World”, where they played lovers, and then recorded a joint song “Can These Eyes Lie”. Years later, in 2012, Justyna Stechkovska, who at that time was already married to her colleague Maciej Mechnikovsky, unexpectedly declassified her previous romance with Alexander in an interview.

– The time we spent together was magical, full of passion and respect for each other. We still maintain friendly relations.

Domogarov himself on social networks is also often nostalgic for Polish glory, which was as huge as that of the Song and Dance Ensemble named after. Alexandrova. Uploads photos of the roles of that time and reviews of his work in cinema and theater.

Ties with Poland allowed Domogarov in 2010 to knock out the main role for his son – Alexander Domogarov Jr. in Valery Pendrakovsky’s film “Not Now”. True, Sasha turned out to be not such a talented actor as his father, and soon retrained as directors.

“I really didn’t like my work in this picture,” says Alexander Jr. – I’m ashamed of myself. Friends console me, advising that I cannot play love yet. They are right: this feeling in the cinema scares me, it stifles me. If dad is very convincing in the roles of lover heroes, then I am not of this test at all. It’s a pity that I could not cope with my tightness in the picture. On the set, I felt like an undisguised, naked boy who was trying to show feelings for the girl.