Polish actresses who became famous in Soviet cinema

To foreign actresses in Soviet cinema, the attention of viewers was always riveted. And especially to the beauties from Poland. Many of the Polish movie stars in Russia are still loved. How did their lives turn out?

Beata Tyszkiewicz (81 years old)

Beata Tyszkiewicz was born in Warsaw in a family of aristocrats. She started acting in films early: she got her first role at 16, and then became the wife of the famous director Andrzej Wajda. In the 70s, the fame of the actress went beyond Poland. Then Tyszkiewicz began to actively star in the GDR, Hungary and the USSR.

Soviet viewers fell in love with Beat Tyszkiewicz after the release of the film “The Noble Nest” by Andrei Konchalovsky (1969). The director almost married a Polish star, but it did not work out. Then the actress appeared in the film “European History”, where she played with Vyacheslav Tikhonov.


With that moment, Tyszkiewicz had long since parted. With her daughter Carolina, she moved to France, where she married an architect and became a mother again. And then Tyszkiewicz returned to Poland again.

Now the actress is fond of photography, is a member of the jury of festivals and starred. And not only in Polish films. For example, it can be seen in the Russian film “March Line” in 2014. And Beata bought a mansion near Warsaw, where she spends time with children and grandchildren.


Eva Shikulska 

Eva Shikulska also made her film debut early: she began acting in 17 years. And she became famous in the USSR when she turned 26 years old. Then on the Soviet screens came out the film of Vladimir Motyl “Star of captivating happiness.”

From the talent and aristocratic appearance of Shikulskaya, both the audience and colleagues were delighted. They say that Igor Kostolevsky, who played in the same film, showed signs of attention to the Polish actress.

After 2 years Shikulska again starred in the USSR. At this time, in the film “Declaration of Love”. In the 80s, the actress was again invited to Soviet cinema: she appeared in the film “Twenty-Six Days from the Life of Dostoevsky.” And even in the 2000s, Shikulskaya was not forgotten: it can be seen in the TV series Azazel and Saboteur.

Now Eva Shikulska starred in many Polish serials. And if her career has developed, then in her personal life, the actress for a long time could not find happiness. Shikulsk is married a second time, she has no children.


Paula Raxa (78 years old)

Paula Raksa was born in the Belarusian city of Lida. But soon the family moved to Poland. In the USSR, Raxa became known with the release of the series “Four Tankers and a Dog” (1966), in which she appears from the 4th series.

The success of Paula Rax was entrenched with the release of the Soviet films Nocturne and Zosya. In parallel, the actress played in the Polish theater. But in the early 90s, fans lost sight of her. It turned out that Paul Rachs completely left the acting profession and devoted herself to fashion.

But the audience did not forget the blonde beauty. And in 2003, Raksa became the best blonde actress in the opinion of readers of one of the Polish newspapers.

Now Paula almost does not communicate with the press and enjoys a non-public life. She has a son, Martin Kostenko, from her ex-husband, director Andrzej Kostenko.