For the first time, Poles appeared on our screen in the first Soviet television series – “Calling Fire on Ourselves” (1964) about underground workers, with Lyudmila Kasatkina in the lead role. In the photo to the right of her – Marian Kochinyak (“The Adventures of the Gunner Dolas”), to the left – Jozsef Duriash (“Lokis”)

Kasatkina and her husband, director Sergei Kolosov, continued the Polish theme in Remember Your Name (1974), about a woman who lost her son during the war, but found him in Poland as an adult (Tadeusz Borovsky)

Of course, the main “Russian polka” is Barbara Brylska in The Irony of Fate and its sequel (1975/2007).

Less known is her costume-historical film Cities and Years (1973)

The second most favorite – Eva Shikulska in “The Star of Captivating Happiness (1975)

She also starred in “Declaration of Love” (1977)

And in our time – in the TV series “Azazel” (2002) by B. Akunin

When Andron Konchalovsky decided to shoot “The Noble’s Nest” (1969) based on I. Turgenev, he found a true noblewoman again in Poland – Beata Tyszkiewicz.

Extremely beloved after the TV series “Four Tankmen and a Dog” Paul Rax was filmed in 1966 in two Soviet films – “Zosia” and “Nocturne”