Poland, Virginia Schmit, 80 years old and DJ: “Perams do not be old”

She, who worked as a life-long teacher, left the profession on the console. Her message: life does not end at 70.

There are those who love crocheting, those who are gardening, those who want to be a full-time grandmother. But there are those who break the template and decide to jump onto something more intense and unusual. This is the path chosen by the 80-year-old Polish girl Virginia Schmitt, who turns into Dj Wika every Monday night. Play at the Hula Kula Club in Warsaw, which can accommodate up to 1000 people. Among his fans there are many pensioners attracted by the rhythm of his grandmother’s disc jockey. “When music surrounds me, my brain works,” she says, “and I continue to study.” She, who has worked as a teacher all her life, left a professorship at the console and struggles with stereotypes, offering her peers not to grow old. She says that life does not end at 70, on the contrary, she always feels young. And this does not show his age at all. Maybe it’s all rock.