Poland. The book “Slavic kings of Lechia” by Janusz Bieszka has been put on sale. Ancient Poland”

Book by Janusz Bieszka ” Slavic kings of Lechia. Ancient Poland” is the first publication in Polish historiography about the organization of power and functioning of Lechia (Lechii), that is, ancient Poland, otherwise called the Lechite Empire, Scythian Union or Sarmatian Union. Based on more than 50 Chronicles and source materials, both Polish and foreign, and 36 ancient foreign maps, the author for the first time studied in detail the life of the Slavic kings of Lechia in the period from the XVIII century BC to the X century BC.

The author also collected descriptions of the territory of ancient Poland-Lechia, its economy, trade, construction of cities, fortresses, ports and shipping, transport and coinage, as well as major wars and battles that have not been studied before. The above-mentioned findings were closely related to the results of recent studies of genetic Aryans-Slavs, conducted in Polish and foreign laboratories in 2010-2013, according to which the Slavs, descendants of a single Indo-European great-people (Aryans), live in the territories of modern Poland for at least 10,700 years.

This was also confirmed by the latest finds of Polish archaeologists on the territory of castles, cities, settlements, fortifications and tombs built on the territory of present-day Poland.

The book is published by Bellona publishing house.