On February 28, viewers will see the third, final part of the story about modest teacher Ana and showman Tomek – “Planet of Singles 3” at the Cinema House. The show will be held as part of the joint project of the POC and the House of Cinema “Polish Windows”.

PLANET OF SINGLES 3 (pol. “Planeta Singli 3”)

Poland, 2019, 101 min.

Romance, comedy

Director: Sam Akina, Michal Hatsinski

Screenplay: Sam Akina, Michal Hatsinski, Jules Jones

Operator: Mikołaj Lebkowski

Cast: Maciej Shtur, Agnieszka Wendloch, Danuta Stanka, Petr Glovatsky, Veronika Ksezhkevich, Tomas Karolyak, Boris Shits, Boguslav Linda and others.

Everyone has problems in the family, problems with relatives. Tomek and Anya finally decide on a marriage. The wedding – at the request of Ani – will be held in the village, with the relatives of the groom, with whom he does not communicate. It turns out that not everyone in the family is happy about the appearance of Tomek. Oil is added to the fire by the unexpected appearance of his father, who long ago left his family and disappeared somewhere … A sea of ​​emotions, laughter and surprises in the story that love at different times in our lives means different things.

Film with Russian subtitles

Limitations: 16+

Beginning at 19.00

Free admission

Address: Cinema House, st. Vasilyevskaya 13, White Hall.