Anna German left us at the age of 46, her voice, which was often compared with the angelic, literally contrasted with what she had to experience. The songs she performed literally made her rejoice and cry, and sometimes applauded her for more than an hour.

Contrary to popular belief, Anna German was not a Polish woman, although in this country she was perceived as her own. Her parents were from Germany and Holland, they both “traveled” around the country of the Soviets, and in Uzbekistan in 1936 their daughter Anna was born.

The parents were happy, but what happened happened. When her daughter was two years old, her father was arrested. Even just the name “Herrman” was sufficient reason for the attention of the NKVD. With her daughter Irma Martens traveled almost all of Central Asia, fearing arrest.

The situation was so difficult that it was not even possible to buy shoes. For her daughter, Irma made shoes from improvised means – Anna stood on planks, which were tied with rags to her leg. To avoid arrest and hide her nationality, my mother marries a Pole, with whom she quickly parted. At home they speak German, but on the street – her mother strictly forbids Anna to speak it.

As for the memories of Anna German herself, she never said anything bad about her childhood in the USSR. But my mother was unhappy, she tried with all her might to escape from the country.
Of course, a fictitious marriage with a Pole helped, they began to live more or less normally when they moved to Wroclaw. But how to learn in Polish? After all, there was even no question of returning to their historical homeland. Anna’s ear for music came to the rescue at that moment, she literally learned Polish on her own.

Anna loved to draw and even studied at an art college, but remembering the hungry times, she understands that she needs a more real profession. So, Herman almost became a geologist.

In one of the geological forays of future geologists, Anna performed a Polish lyric song. When she finished, everyone was silent – a friend asked her a question: have you thought about music? Soon, at a wedding in the cathedral, a friend asked her to speak, remembering her wonderful voice. She persuaded the organist for a long time, when Anna German began to sing, he simply forgot to accompany her, and said: “Your destiny and your destiny is music!”

Anna German listened to the advice and began to take lessons, many already then admired her. But it was not easy to start pop activity, it was necessary to pass qualifications, which were assessed by a special commission. She sang in front of her for an hour, not because she was evaluated under a microscope, but because she conquered them.

Soon she met her husband – Zbigniew Tucholski. Perhaps Anna Herman would have remained a “local” celebrity if not for Katozhina Kertner. The singer remade the piece “Dancing Eurydice” for herself. She performed the composition at the festival in Spot, this performance overnight made her famous throughout the USSR. Anna was invited to “Melody”, and the released disc was a success in Italy, France and others.


The contract was signed with an Italian company, it was she who determined the order of the tour. Then Anna German, as they say, was promoted – interviews, photo sessions, etc. And she wanted to sing, the performance took place in Farley. The success was overwhelming, Anna was happy, but Renato Serio looked tired, he sat behind the wheel, not sleeping for several nights. So, that terrible accident happened.

The recovery was painful and long, at the height of despair Anna told her husband: we must part. He answered well, but first you will return to the stage and give birth to my child.

And so it happened. In 1970, she appeared on the stage of the Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw, out of excitement she could not even take a step. Therefore, the first song was sounded only 40 minutes after the announcement – the audience gave a standing ovation. The Italians offered to renew the contracts, but Anna herself found the idea disgusting.

At this time, Anna Kachalina, the editor of the Melody firm, suggested singing in Russian. The singer asked: for example, what? Then she showed the text of the song “Hope” to the music of Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov.

This is how the song appeared, which even today everyone knows. A song that evokes feelings of kindness, warmth and tenderness.