National holidays Poland

When you go on vacation to another country, such as Poland, you can meet national holidays that you did not know about. Some of them are common to many countries, while others are state-specific.

They can relate to events related to a specific city, such as Warsaw or Krakow, or to events of national importance from the past.

Polonika also has several days of vacation, and most of them relate to both traditional holidays and general anniversaries, such as the first day of workers.

If you are planning a vacation in Warsaw or Krakow, you need to know what currency is in Poland. The currency is Polish zloty, and in order to pay in cash, you need to exchange euros for local currency.

You can do this at banks or pay directly with a debit or credit card.

Now let’s find out what holidays are on Polonik, so that we can organize a holiday using bridges.

Polish national holidays
Here are Polish national holidays where work is prohibited:

January 1 – New Year’s party
March 8: Women’s Day
May 1: Workers Day
May 3: Constitution Day
August 15: August 15
November 1: all saints
November 11: Independence Day
November 30: the feast of Sant Andrea
December 25th: Christmas
Wait, do you want to know another curiosity about the Polish nation? The colors of the flag of Poland are white (above) and red (below), it is very easy to remember!

Traditional anniversaries of Poland
In Polish, traditional holidays associated with the culture and history of the country are as follows:

January 21 – Grandmother’s Day
January 22 – grandfather’s day
Fat Thursday
March 21: Spring Festival
April 1: April Fool’s Day
Easter and Easter Monday, Wet Monday
May 26: mother’s day
Corpus Christi holiday
June 1: Children’s Day
June 23: father’s day
September 30: Boy’s Day
October 14: Master’s Day
December 4th: Santa Barbara holiday
December 6th: Feast of San Nicolas