10th place.

Monika Mielnik (born September 15, 1990, Tychy, Poland) is a modern Polish actress, has appeared in films and TV series.

9th place.

Katarzyna Matseong /

8th place.

Anna Dymna / Anna Dymna (b. July 20, 1951, Legnica, Poland) is a Polish theater and film actress, best known in the countries of the former USSR for her role as Marysia Vilchur in the film “The Witch Doctor” (1982). In 1988 she played the role of Margarita in a 4-episode Polish film adaptation of M. Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita. The real surname of the actress is Dzyadyk / Dziadyk. In 1973 she married actor Wieslav Dymny, after which she took her husband’s surname. Despite the fact that in Russian the surname of the actress is correctly spelled “Dymnaya”, in Russian-language sources the spelling of her surname in the Polish manner is established – Dymna.

7th place.

Olga Sawicka (February 7, 1932, Poznan, Poland – April 2, 2015) – Polish ballerina, choreographer, actress.

6th place.

Barbara Karska (born September 20, 1949, Netherlands), better known as Barbara Nielsen, is an actress known to Soviet audiences for her role as Basi in the Polish film “Anatomy of Love” (1972).

5th place.

Karolina Gruszka (born July 13, 1980, Warsaw) is a Polish and Russian actress, wife of the Russian director and playwright Ivan Vyrypaev. Notable movie roles: Masha Mironova (Russian riot, 2000, voiced by Chulpan Khamatova), Sasha (Oxygen, 2009), Ekaterina (Dance of Delhi, 2012), Vera (Long Live Belarus, 2012).

4th place.

Magdalena Mielcarz (born March 3, 1978, Warsaw) is a Polish actress and model. Notable film roles: Lygia (Kamo vrydeshi, 2001), Princess Henrietta (Fanfan Tulip, 2003), Lady Elzhbeta (Taras Bulba, 2008).

3rd place.

Beata Tyszkiewicz (born August 14, 1938, Wilanow, Poland) is a famous Polish actress who starred in almost 100 films. Famous movie roles: Princess Elzhbeta (Ash, 1965), Marysya (Marysya and Napoleon, 1966), Isabella Lentskaya (Doll, 1968), Varvara Pavlovna (Noble Nest, 1969).

2nd place.

Pola Raksa (born April 14, 1941, Lida, Grodno region, Belarus) – actress, three times (1967, 1969, 1970) awarded the Silver Mask prize as the most popular actress in Poland. She starred in Polish and Soviet films. Notable movie roles: Hedwiga-Maria Kalinowska (Girl in the Window, 1964), Helena de Wit (Ash, 1965), Zosia (film of the same name, 1967), Marusya “Ogonyok” (TV series “Four Tankmen and a Dog”, 1966-1970 ), Yvette (Nocturne, 1966). The full name of the actress is Apolonia / Apolonia, while in the movie she starred under the diminutive name of Paul, which in Russian-language sources is erroneously indicated as Paul.

1nd place.

The most beautiful Polish actress is Barbara Brylska (born June 5, 1941, Skotniki, Poland). Famous films in Russia: Phoenician priestess Kama in the film “Pharaoh” (1966), Nadia Sheveleva in the film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” (1975), Helena in the epic “Liberation” (1972), Eve in the film “Anatomy of Love” (1972). In Russian-language sources, the spelling of the actress’s surname in the Polish manner is established – Brylska.