Almost all modern buildings built in the country were not designed by Polish architects – the Finns, Austrians, Spaniards, Italians had a hand in creating the image of large cities. The most prominent representatives of modern urban development are:

  1. Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Warsaw, 2013). Built according to the project of Finnish craftsmen, it is a modernist complex with a graphite glass facade, under which an expressive wave-like interior is hidden.

2. Museum of Modern Art (Krakow, 2011). Located in one of the buildings of the former Oscar Schindler factory. Built on a project developed by Italians Leonard Maria Proli and Claudio Nardi.

3. Szczecin Philharmonic (Szczecin, 2015). Created by the Spanish architectural bureau Barozzi / Veiga, awarded the architectural award.

4. Shakespeare Theater (Gdansk, 2014). Designed by Italian designer Renato Rizzi. It is a black “box” made of graphite brick, has a tilting roof.

5. The Crooked House (Sopot, 2003). The idea of creating the building belongs to Polish architects – Shotinsky and Zalewski. The complex is considered the hallmark of the city, inside is located the Resident shopping center.

The tallest buildings in Poland

“High-rises” began to be built in the country as early as the middle of the 20th century, and already at that time the most innovative architectural techniques were used to erect skyscrapers in Poland, which have not yet become outdated.

The top 5 tallest buildings include:

  1. Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw, 1955). The 42-story building, 237 m high (with a spire), was built by analogy with the “Stalinist skyscrapers”, and was donated by the Soviet Union to the people of Poland.

2. Warsaw Spire (Warsaw, 2016). The height of the 49-story skyscraper built by the Belgian developer in the postmodern style is 220 m (another 55 m are underground). The facade is decorated with hyperboloid glass, the total area of the premises is 100 thousand square meters. m 

3. Sky Tower (Wroclaw, 2012). The 50-storey complex 51 m high, designed by Polish architects, cost its owner $ 400 million.

4. Business Center “Q22” (Warsaw, 2016). 42-story building with a height of 195 m. The letter “Q” stands for “Quartz” (quartz), which symbolizes architectural inspiration, and the number “22” is part of the address of the complex.

5. Złota 44 (Warsaw, 2016). The 54-story 192-meter-high skyscraper is named for the street where it is located.