Poland is the sixth cosmetics market in Europe. The cosmetics produced in our country are exported to 160 countries around the world, including Mexico, Australia, Great Britain or Germany. Also, Poles are more and more willing to take on domestic products, appreciating their quality, price and … safety. Introducing Polish cosmetic brands!

As follows from the 2016 Ipsos study “Fashion for Polishness” – 73% of Poles try to buy Polish products, and more than half are ready to pay more for them. Similar conclusions follow from the report “Consumer Patriotism of Poles 2017”, prepared by Open Search. It turns out that 7 out of 10 respondents are happy to take products made in our country.

Especially food and drinks from local producers are very popular. This stems from the belief that they are of higher quality and safety. At the heart of this orientation is also a general increase in the level of identification with the nation and a desire to return to what is traditional and self-made.

What’s interesting is that similar considerations are guided by consumers who seek Polish cosmetics. They are indeed perceived to be safe and environmentally friendly.

Successful Polish cosmetic brands

Many Polish cosmetic brands the staff speaks the following languages ​​obcobrzmiącymi names. This is due to the fact that a few years ago, products from abroad were more desirable than those produced in our country. Their wide availability was a breath of freshness after empty shelves and gray PRL-u realities. Today, Polish cosmetics are returning to speakers, many people may nevertheless have a problem with determining their real place of origin. We offer you Polish cosmetic brands that have won recognition not only in our domestic market.


Inglot color cosmetics brand was founded in 1985 in the Industry (today 95% of the company’s products originate in this city). Wojciech Kak was founded, who, within the framework of a student exchange, got the opportunity to track how the foreign market works – so different from the one in Poland. Sensing a disadvantage while working in the laboratory at Polfe, Inglot decided to act on his own.

Initially, Inglot made a liquid for cleaning the head of recorders, and then the VIP deodorant. The first make-up products hit the market in 1987. These were the nail polishes that remain an integral part of the brand’s assortment today. Then came lipstick and lip shadow.

Currently Inglot is one of the most recognizable cosmetic brands in Poland. The cosmetics she produces are used by both amateurs and professional makeup artists. Both lipsticks, sleepers, as well as innovative free-flowing pigments are very popular.

Inglot cosmetics are currently available in over 770 locations around the world, including prestigious London Oxford Street or Times Square in New York.


The Wibo company was founded in 1989, in the wake of economic and biological changes. As you can read on the brand’s website: Taking advantage of the vulnerability in the market, Jadwiga Bozena Adamczak, together with her husband Viktor, decided to create a cosmetics company, which, of course, was named “WIBO”.

As is the case with the Inglot brand, the first to make the latest cosmetics were nail polishes. The offer included only 3 primary colors, but this was enough to awaken the enthusiasm of the clients. In no time, the brand has enriched its range of mascara, blush and lipstick colors.

Today, Wibo cosmetics can be bought at most pharmacies in Poland. The wide range of nail polishes, in particular, is very popular – the choice of colors, however, is much larger than almost 30 years ago.

Dr. Irena Eris

The history of the brand begins in 1983, when Irena Eris left the state Polfy and founded her own small factory, beauty. The first, cosmetics, she began to create back in the days of her studies in pharmaceutical – were originally intended mainly for their own use.

Irena Eris founded her first factory in Piaseczno, in the premises of an old bakery. Initially, she produced only one type of cream – she cooked it in a special pan, and lastly, a drill adapted for this purpose. Then her husband, Heinrich Orfinger, delivered the jars of the drug from house to house.

After a few years, the company increased its offer of more creams and facial lotions. They also managed to open a second plant and hire up to 12 employees.

Today irena Eris has more than 700 products in its range and employs about 1000 people. There is also a network of beauty salons under the Cosmetic Institutes brand and 5 * spa hotels. Thanks to hard work, the company has become recognizable not only in Poland, but also in dozens of countries around the world.


The Bell brand has been successfully operating on the Polish market for about 30 years. She began her activity with the production of packaging for cosmetics and deodorants. The first, created by the company, the latest color cosmetics was, and the lipstick, which quickly reached the title of cult. A few years ago, most Polish women stayed in kosmetyczkach. As Mikhail Pałyska, the founder of the brand, recalls, the choice of lipstick was dictated by the practical – distribution in the 90s. were carried out to a large extent on their own hand, it was necessary to bet on a product that does not take up much space and can be placed in large quantities in your own car.

The Bell brand currently has more than 500 cosmetic products in its portfolio. Also develops the line of hypoallergenic Bell Hypoalergenic. You can buy Bell cosmetics not only in Poland. The brand is represented in 40 countries of the world, and recently companies from Asia have joined the circle of its recipients.


The Ziaja company was founded in 1989 by the pharmacists Alexandru and Zenon Ziaja. The spouses were driven by a desire to create drugs on how the most natural recipes are. None of them hoped, however, that within a few years the family business would have such a great success. Moreover, initially only friends, pharmacists and pharmacy owners were consumers of bath accessories.

The first product marinated by Ziaja was a natural olive cream. This product is still in the assortment of the brand and is very popular.

Currently, Ziaja offers more than 800 products, cosmetic and medical, including cosmetics for hair, face and body, for intimate hygiene or for sensitive baby skin.

An important trend: natural Polish cosmetics

45% of consumers pay attention to Polish origin – cosmetic accessories, and more than half of their natural composition – calculated by the research company PMR. Therefore, it is not surprising that among Polish brands there are more and more producers of natural cosmetics based on herbal recipes (natural lines are also cited by brands such as Beiersdorf). The popularity of Polish beauty manufactories is also growing – they are becoming more and more competitive in global concerns.

What, however, is natural cosmetics? These are products that contain at least 90% organic matter. In their composition there should be no room for silicones, paraffin, glycols, synthetic and chemical dyes or preservatives. The production process based on chemical tłoczeni, drying, etc. is also essential.

Among Polish manufacturers of natural cosmetics, it is worth mentioning brands such as:


Sylveco was founded in 1992 by Stanislav Piela – the father of the current owner. From the very beginning, the recipes of its products were based on completely natural ingredients, rubbing routes for other similar brands.

The characteristic component of Sylveco products is the birch bark extract, which became the basis of the birch cream (initially registered as a medical device). This extract contains betulinę and betulinowy acid, demonstrating medicinal properties against many diseases.

Since 2008, the assortment of the brand with one cream, he began to gradually expand. New cosmetics were based not only on birch, but also in other factories, and naturally originating in Poland. Today the assortment includes dozens of products designed for face, hair and body skin care under the brands: Sylveco, Sylveco for children, Biolaven and Vianek.

Annabelle Minerals

Anna Shcherbina, founder of Annabelle Minerals, she originally worked as a lawyer. Nevertheless, she decided to surrender to another passion, and choose a completely different life path. In the days of adolescence, she herself struggled with problem skin, so she was looking for various solutions. The recipe turned out to be mineral cosmetics – then still very expensive and hardly available in Poland. She began mixing the ingredients on her own – first by trial and error, then with the help of the laboratory.

This is how the Annabelle Minerals brand was created, which from day to day is gaining another crowd of clients looking for a natural make-up method. In its offer it has sleepers, roses, blush, eyeshadow and correctors. Cosmetic formulations are based on rozświetlającej mice, an antibacterial zinc oxide, which provides sun protection to titanium dioxide and is responsible for the color of iron tlenkach.



The Mokosh brand, whose name comes from the name starosłowiańskiej, the goddess of fertility and harvest, is a relatively young company. It is very popular, and long queues line up at its stands at the eco-cosmetics exhibition.

The company was founded by Anna Rótkowska-Didiuk and Anna Didiuk (who has been involved with the cosmetics industry since helping her mother in a beauty salon). It all started with jednoskładnikowych (base) products that can be used alone or mixed with each other. These include oils, salts, clay, or essential oils. The next step was to create a ready-made cosmetic set.

Currently, the Mokosh brand portfolio includes a full range of products for daily care, recovery and relaxation in the comfort of your home and professional beauty parlors.


Yope is a young brand of natural cosmetics created by Pavel Kosowicza and Nadezhda Kuklińska-Kosowicz. The first products appeared in 2014 and were initially tested only on the hands of ideological people and their friends. However, they quickly gained popularity and today they can be bought in pharmacies and stores of their own brand. The Yope booth is also besieged during the eco-cosmetics exhibition.

The range of the brand includes bath liquids, hand creams, body balms, as well as natural detergents (window liquid, dish liquid, etc.). What distinguishes the preparations, however, is not only their natural composition, but also the original aromas, like St. John’s wort or yarrow.

Make Me Bio

Cosmetics of the Make Me Bio brand are products created on the basis of organic components of plant origin, stamped in the cold and nierafinowanych oils and vitamins in their pure form. Thanks to this, they are hypoallergenic and safe even for sensitive skin. The quality of the products is monitored by specialists and dermatologists – the Make Me Bio brand then combines the forces of nature with specialized knowledge.

In the assortment of Make Me Bio you can find, in particular, face creams, powders, cleansers, oils, gentle shampoos, hydrolaty and deodorants.