One of the most famous and charming Polish film actresses of the 60s and 70s. Kalina Endrusik was born in 1930. She graduated from a prestigious lyceum in 1949, and then entered the State Higher Theater School in Krakow.

The debut at the theater in Gdansk took place in 1953 after leaving school. And already in 1955 she worked on the stage in Warsaw.

In 1957, the first appearance of Kalina in the cinema took place. It was Eve Wants to Sleep.

Fame came to the actress in the 60s, when she began to sing professionally and perform in the “Cabaret of Gentlemen Aged”. It was then that she became the so-called sex symbol of Poland, performing the song “Because there is sex in me”.

Plus, her reputation as a liberated beauty was reinforced after the release of the films “The Cure for Love” and “The Promised Land”, in which she played languid and seductive women.

Stills from the movie “Medicine for Love”:

Polish cinema of the 60s is unthinkable without Kalina Endrusik. She starred in nearly four dozen films.

Unfortunately, the actress died in 1991. This was due to asthma attacks, which was caused by the cat’s hair. Kalina knew very well about her illness, but she was a great lover of cats.

According to one poll organized by a Polish magazine in 1996, Kalina Edrusik was ranked third in the category “Best Actress in the History of Polish Cinema”.

The Polish spelling of the first and last name looks like this – Kalina Jędrusik. But for some reason in Vicky the surname is listed as Endrusik (with the letter n).

Stills from the movie “Promised Land”: