The works of Bartosh Kokosinsky, Grzegorz Koziera, Pavel Matyshevsky, Iza Rogutskaya and Irmina Stasia can be seen in the Art Museum in Brest.

At the exhibition “The Power of Abstraction”, artists will present their latest works. They belong to the same generation and have been conducting a creative dialogue with each other for several years. Young people did not create an art group, did not write theoretical manifestos, and before they had not even exhibited their works together. They are united by similar sensitivity and interests expressed in the language of art. Artists are among the most talented Polish authors of the younger generation, using their own abstraction language and their own original creative method.

Bartosz Kokosinsky’s work is characterized by a variety of plastic, audiovisual forms, and experiments with an unconventional canvas. His projects are amazing object-paintings, testifying to the author’s enormous imagination.

Grzegorz Coser is a machinist. His works are centered around topics such as identity, physicality, intimacy, transience of life, death. At the center of his works is the relationship between the person, his body and the material shell.

Pavel Matyshevsky, as an artist, is characterized by an unusual approach to paintings. Using different styles and conventions, he creates works that go far beyond the scope of traditional painting, and the original canvases of his paintings make them want to touch.

The works of Iza Rogutskaya are an attempt to describe space in its philosophical understanding – full of physical boundaries and emptiness. That is why the artist often experiments with perspective, computer programs and achieves original digital effects in her works.

Irmina Stas is inspired mainly by existential problems and borderline situations. Reflections on the interaction of the mind and body are often reflected in the representation of the body and the conflicts that are played out between its elements.