Film “LOOP” Polish director Patrick Vega

What is the plot of The Loop?

The Loop was directed by Polish director Patrick Vega. In the center of the plot is the story of the Polish policeman Daniel Snezek. He roofs a brothel run by pimp brothers who come from Ukraine. Many prominent politicians, representatives of show business and clergy become regulars of the institution. Sneziek and the pimps set up hidden cameras in the brothel’s rooms and start collecting dirt on clients, so that they can then use the information they receive for blackmail.

What real events formed the basis of the plot?

The plot of the film, according to the Polish portal, is based on real events and is dedicated to the so-called “Subcarpathian scam”. Since the late 1990s, in the city of Rzeszow, the administrative center of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship of Poland, a network of brothels operated by two twin brothers, Ukrainian citizens Aleksey and Yevhen Rysichi.

This business was covered by a high-ranking officer of the Polish police, head of the department for combating economic crimes of the Central Investigation Bureau (analogous to the Office for Combating Organized Crime) in Rzeszow, Daniel S. According to the portal, at the end of February 2016, he was detained by employees of the Agency internal security of Poland (AVB, analogue of the Federal Security Service). At the same time, the Rysich brothers were also detained. It was reported that more than 4 thousand video recordings from cameras installed in a brothel were found. The video featured prominent figures in Poland, including members of the ruling party and priests. As a result, the Rysichi brothers were charged with pimping and human trafficking, but received a very lenient sentence: a little over a year in prison.

Who played in the film?

The role of Daniel Snezek in the film was played by Polish actor and TV presenter Anthony Krulikowski. The Rysich brothers were played by twins Marcin and Maciej Zakharzewski. The role of prosecutor Alicia Konarski was played by actress Katarzyna Warnke (she had previously collaborated with Vega during the filming of the series Botox). The film also stars Piotr Stramovski, Arkadiusz Nader, Krzysztof Bochenek, Monika Ambrozyak, Henrik Talar and others.

What is known about the director of The Loop?

Patrick Vega was born on January 2, 1977 in Warsaw. He started out as a screenwriter and wrote the screenplay for The First Million in 1999. Vega gained fame in 2005, after the release of the film “Pit Bull”, based on the stories of law enforcement officers and criminals. The film shows the underworld and tells about the work of Warsaw police officers from the murder investigation department. At the same time, the series of the same name was filmed, which aired on Polish TV until 2008. In 2016, two sequels to the film were released: “Pitbull. New Order “and” Pit Bull. Dangerous women. ”

In 2019, Vega made the film Politics about what is happening in the Polish political arena on the eve of the parliamentary elections. Simultaneously with the film, a four-part mini-series was released. In 2020, Vega’s film “Bad Boy” was released about violations in Polish football clubs. In addition to professional actors, the film also features Polish footballers Kamil Grosicki and Slawomir Peshko.

Vega’s films are causing controversy in the cinematic community. For example, “Pit Bull” in 2005 was awarded a special jury prize for “daring and honest production touching violent and socially important themes” at the Courmayeur Noir Film Festival in Italy. At the same time, his painting Botox (2017) was voted the worst film of 2017. She received 9 out of 13 nominations for the Węże anti-award (the Polish equivalent of the Golden Raspberry, which is awarded for the worst achievements in cinema).