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T-Mobile International Film Festival New Horizons If you prefer the seven-hour Satanic Tango by Bela Tarra to the party with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone,

Since ancient times, it so happened that Poland was at the crossroads of the West and the East. For many years in Poland there were


“Hey” is a Polish rock band founded in 1992 in Szczecin by guitarist Peter Banach and charismatic vocalist Kasia Nosowska. Since the beginning of the

The outstanding Polish composer S. Monyushko is the creator of the national classical opera and chamber vocal lyrics. His work absorbed the characteristic features of

The group was created in 1991 in the city of Gdansk, Poland, on the initiative of the 14-year-old Adam “Holocausto” Darsky and the 15-year-old Adam

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