Barbara Kwiatkowska (real name) was born in 1940 in Poland. As a child, she studied at the Warsaw Ballet School. She was a dancer of the Skolimów Song and Dance Ensemble.

She got into the cinema in 1957 at the age of 17. She managed to appear in almost two dozen films, some of which are more or less familiar to the viewer.
Unfortunately, Barbara Lass passed away in 1995.
She was married three times. Her first husband was the famous director Roman Polanski. The second husband was an Austrian actor named Boehm. In this marriage, Barbara gave birth to a daughter, Katarina, who also became an actress. The third husband was a Polish jazz musician by the name of Jondlo.
Barbara’s first role was in the 1957 film Episode. The young aspiring actress became famous after the 1957 film “Eve Wants to Sleep”. In fact, this was her first full-length film role.

In 1959, Barbara left Poland and began acting in France and Italy.

In Italy, she took herself a more memorable than her surname, the pseudonym Lass.

Barbara Lass was against the communist regime in Poland, and therefore collaborated with Radio Liberty.

Selected filmography

Eve Wants to Sleep, 1958

“Cross-eyed happiness”, 1959

When Angels Fall, 1959

“How to Live Well”, 1961

“Love of Twenties”, 1962

“How It’s Done”, 1973