The Red Dot Awards have been recognized for 60 years. Together with another German award, the iF Design Awards, it is the world’s most important design and engineering award. This year, 5200 applications from 57 countries of the world were sent to the contest – a record number. Award Red Dot Best of the Best received 79 products, Red Dot – 1304, and an honorary diploma – 107.

The jury, which decided on the recognition of the award, included 41 experts from around the world.

List of winners of the Red Dot Design Awards in 2016:

large-format Star Maker tile, Massive Design Maca Feet project for

Laminam (Italy) – Red Dot Best of the Best Award

Tulli chair, Tomek Rygalik project for Noti – Red Dot Award

Ceramic Collection Twins from Sanitec Koło – Red Dot Award

Silvia bathroom by Marmite (Marmite Design Team: design – Marta Gemba, design – Zbigniew Pyasetskiy) – Red Dot Award

Avionaut Ultralite car seat, Ergo Design project for Karwala – Red Dot Award DEF-D U6 window from Fakro – Red Dot Award

lighting panel QL002, the project of Bohumila Zavada for Mardom Decor – Red Dot Award

G3 + radio remote control, project of Joanna Lecheevskaya and Peter Kiyo for Mobilius Motor – Red Dot Award

Pabble Collection Wall Mosaics, Massive Design by Maca Feet for Mosaico

Digitale – Honorary Diploma

Ceramika Paradyż Trakt floor tiles – Red Dot Award

 Play and Work office furniture system, WertelOberfell project for Nowy

Styl Group – Red Dot Award

Edica Qbooks – Red Dot Award

UMC Poland Sharp TVs – 3 Red Dot Awards

Large-format tiles płytki Star Maker – a product of the Mac Stopa project, which received the Red Dot Best of the Best award, was developed jointly with Laminam Poland, the only distributor of Laminam quartz agglomerate in Central Europe. The first building to use these tiles was the Warsaw Spire high-rise complex in Warsaw.

“Despite the fact that I really appreciate the Red Dot Awards, while working on tiles, I did not think about this award,” says Stopa. “I decided to create a product that I, as an architect, needed for a particular interior. Italian large-format Laminam tiles turned out to be a grateful material that opened up space for my imagination. The final product was universal. It can be used as decoration for walls, floors, cladding or kitchen countertops, as well as material for the manufacture of furniture. ”