Poland is famous for two types of cosmetics: inexpensive and professional. The first one can be easily bought in Rossmann chain stores or in regular supermarkets. The second should be looked for in pharmacies or specialized stores. Both categories of products are noteworthy, and most importantly, they are of high quality. We will tell you what cosmetics should be brought from Poland, what products to look for in retail outlets in Europe.


In Poland, Ziaja brand cosmetics are the sales leader in 4 categories at once:

Face creams.
Tanning products.
Milk and tonics.
Intimate hygiene products.

It is not easy to buy cosmetics from the Polish brand Ziaja in Russia, so it is worth doing it in Poland or other European countries. Prices are relatively low, reviews are excellent. Only good things can be said about Ziaja – this is really high-quality affordable cosmetics from the Polish mass market. Look at Rossmann stores or pharmacies to find the most popular products. We advise you to buy cosmetics from the Ziaja Pro series (they are more expensive, but there are no silicones and parabens in the composition). Also pay attention to the funds from the series:

goat milk;
cacao butter.

Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline is the undisputed leader among the Polish brands of decorative cosmetics. However, the assortment of the famous brand is not limited to this. Eveline cosmetics are well known in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, they are loved in Europe. The Polish company produces excellent means for leveling the tone of the face, mascara, eye shadow palettes of trendy shades, lipsticks – all with excellent reviews, always relevant.

You should also pay attention to products for face and body care, foot creams, nail polishes, hair dyes. However, the Eveline brand does not need additional introduction – its inexpensive high-quality products always deserve excellent reviews on the Web and positive ratings from beauty bloggers. The manufacturer has dozens of prestigious awards in the beauty industry.


Polish cosmetics brand specializing in skin care products. Bielenda brand products are regularly included in the collections of video bloggers who are looking for luxury analogues in the mass market. These are really decent products for a good price. The assortment of Polish cosmetics Bielenda includes natural products (the composition is good, even Ayurvedic stores sell it), products with active ingredients such as acids or vitamin C, creams for sensitive skin, and a pharmacy series. Pay attention to serums, serums, masks of the Bielenda brand. They deserve to be on your shelf.


Popular decorative cosmetics that are really worth bringing from Poland. The assortment of the brand is constantly updated taking into account fashion trends. Great eyeshadow palettes, blush, lipstick, nail polish – all with a wide selection of shades. One of Inglot’s bestsellers is the eyelash curler. The company releases new collections for every important holiday: Christmas, New Year, Halloween. Bright colors, excellent quality, reasonable prices. Inglot decorative cosmetics in Russia belongs to the mid-price segment, in Poland it is cheaper.


Polish professional cosmetics for face and body with excellent reviews from dermatologists. The brand has several prestigious awards at once. Yonelle is a time-tested formula that works. In Warsaw, cosmetics are often used by specialists in beauty salons. It can be purchased for home use. Funds belong to the premium segment. On average, the price of one jar of cream will be from 300 to 400 zlotys. You can buy Polish Yonelle cosmetics in the official online store, the Douglas chain or in the “luxury” spas in Warsaw.


One of the most popular cosmetic brands in Poland. Affordable prices, good selection of products, excellent properties. Lirene’s credibility is high thanks to positive reviews from dermatologists. Experts recommend the Healthy Skin + series, which helps to solve specific problems:

dryness, irritation;
redness, dilated capillaries;
increased sensitivity;
excessive greasiness;

Fans of natural remedies should buy Polish Lirene cosmetics from the Natura line. Rossmann stores have a traditionally good selection.

Ava Laboratorium

The company entered the market back in 1961. During this time, she has grown into a prestigious laboratory developing innovative formulas. The high status of the company is confirmed by the prestigious Ecocert quality mark. In Poland, Ava Laboratorium brand cosmetics can be bought at pharmacies, spas or chain stores like Rossmann. Finding her in Russia will not be easy, so don’t miss your chance. 3 lines deserve special attention:

Dermatological (reviews of dermatologists are excellent).


Polish professional cosmetics for hair, face and body. It is used in beauty salons all over the country and abroad. All products are approved by dermatologists, have passed many tests, and most importantly, they really work. Some of the Clarena brand lines are available only to beauticians, but many products are easy to buy for home use. Pay special attention to hair care cosmetics, peels and creams to address specific concerns. From the bestsellers, you can recommend mesoscooters and massagers from a Polish manufacturer.


The brand started out as a cosmetics manufacturer in the mass market segment. In just 5 years, it has grown into a respected pharmaceutical company with its own laboratory. The Biolik brand produces products made under the same conditions as pharmaceuticals. Patented formulas, “pure” formulations, innovative active ingredients – the Polish company is not without reason enjoying great success. From the bestsellers – eye cream, anti-aging serums, remedies for solving various skin problems (rosacea, acne, pigmentation).

Pierre Rene

Professional brand of decorative cosmetics, popular in Poland and Europe. The tools were originally developed exclusively for makeup artists. Today they are available in chain stores and are very popular with ordinary women. Particularly popular are long-lasting lipsticks, eyeshadows with impeccable pigmentation, as well as a bright palette of nail polishes. It is very profitable to buy Pierre Rene cosmetics in Poland, since in Russia the assortment is rather modest, and the prices are higher. Cosmetics of this brand belongs to the “middle market” and is of high quality.